Editing your claimed profile listing

Login to the website, and click ‘my listings’ in the green bar at the top.

Make sure that you have selected the ‘standard’ package on the right hand side of the page – this is all free of charge.

Then next to your claimed listing you will see the word “edit” on the right hand side.

There are 8 pages where you can add different information – please remember to save each page before moving on to the next.

Please note: You do not have to fill out all sections for your page to go live, you may just wish to add a logo, background image, and some open days, then click publish. We highly recommend adding the images as this will make your profile stand out from all the other unclaimed search result profiles which will show the generic blackboard/chalk image.


Stage 1: General


Try to aim for a minimum of 300 words here.

Header image

This will be the main back drop picture on your profile, replacing the blackboard and chalk image. The image needs to be JPEG format.


Stage 2: Branding


This will be seen on your profile page beneath your logo

Main Colour

What is the main colour of your education establishment? Please select a colour here to personalise your profile page theme


This is very important to add, as it will make your profile stand out in all the search results. It will also be on your profile page inset over your header image and above your motto.

This image needs to be JPEG format. Please note that a square image displays best in this box. If you are having trouble getting your logo to display correctly please let us know.

Second Colour

What is the secondary colour of your education establishment? Please select a colour here to personalise your profile page theme

Image 1 & 2

These smaller images will be shown under your logo on the search results screen


Stage 3: Location

Entering your location here will create a map for people to be able to find you. Just enter your postcode if the correct location is not already shown.

Stage 4: Contact

Simply check/fill in the contact details for each of the 4 sections






Stage 5: Social media

In this section you can add up to 3 social media links, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. These icons will be displayed to the right hand side of your profile and hyperlinked directly to your social media pages.

Please paste in the hyperlinks from the webpage of your social media pages.


Stage 6: Open Days

The main area for many of you and the fundamental use of our website! Here you can add up to 10 open day dates along with a full description. These dates will be shown on the search results page and will also notify any people who have subscribed to receive notifications from your establishment. When the date has passed the next date will automatically show in the search results red box, you can continuously add new open day dates as old ones expire (do not worry that the date shows in American format, once published it displays correctly on the website).

If you prefer to hold parent tours over open days then you can also write this in the box without selecting a date and inform parents/students how they can arrange to be shown around.


Stage 7: Details

By disabling the parent scriber option, it means that each time a new parent (or student) subscribes to your school by clicking the heart icon; you will not be notified of this new subscriber.

Number of pupils

Enter the number of how many pupils attend your establishment


Write the age range of the pupils

Establishment type

Nursery, community, independent etc…

Local authority

State which local authority governs your establishment

Ofsted report

Here you can upload your latest report

Ofsted rating

You can mention your current rating here


Stage 8: Phase of education

Please note, you can select more than one option here as your establishment may cover various phases, such as ‘early years’, ‘primary’ and ‘secondary’. Make sure you select all relevant options to yourselves as this means you will be found in all relevant searches.


If you need help with any of these stages please contact us:


020 800 444 11