Market leaders in health and safety, GRAVITY Trampoline Parks are a fantastic way for people of all ages to enjoy exercise or just have fun! In the parks, trampolines stretch from wall-to-wall forming a huge area of bounceable space which is used for a variety of activities, including freestyle open jump sessions giving you full access to the park and all its activities. Plus, with 10 minutes of party time every hour, everyone experiences the parks special effects including laser-lights, theatrical smoke and a whole new soundtrack.


At Xscape Yorkshire you’ll find Aerial Adventures Sky Coaster, Free Fall Tower Jump and Leap of Faith. Does fear look like a challenge? Sky Coaster whisks you around with a wire on your back 70 feet up, on a nail-bitingly treacherous journey towards the ground. Whilst Free-Fall is just that – a free-falling experience that urges you to jump from a super-high tower – with a harness to stop you from making contact with the ground. (Which is handy). Taking the Leap of Faith will have you launching yourself through mid- air. All you have to do to stop you falling is grab a hold of that huge stuffed bag hanging aloft. Miss it or lose your grip and you’ll forget you’re in safe hands in that split second when you’re hurtling to the ground and your heart is in your mouth stopping you from screaming. So, are you ready to put your fear in a box? This is the chance you’ve been waiting for to claim victory over those beneath you and literally shout it from the rooftops.

Gravity Inflatable-7

Included at the Xscape Yorkshire and Maidstone parks is AirZone Inflatables assault course with inflatable ladders, awesome drops and inflatable pillars. It may be a soft world but it’s only the hard-core that survive. Non-stop running, sliding, jumping, basketball-hooping, combat fighting and dodging are just the beginning – All you have to do it get to the end!


At Xscape Yorkshire, Edinburgh, Norwich, Bluewater and Milton Keynes parks there’s Gravity Rocks Urban Climbing walls. Gravity Rocks pushes the boundaries to help you push your own, whilst having a LOT of fun. These modular creations are more than just climbing walls – they’re action-packed monuments that set out to challenge you. Each colourful, gargantuan structure beckons you to conquer it with a ‘come and ‘ave a go if you think you’re hard enough’ boldness that you simply can’t ignore. And because each one is so different, posing yet more challenges, you’ll want to make it your mission to conquer them all. This is not a simple ‘up and down’ affair, this is obtuse obstacles, demanding dares, twisty trials, intense inclines, troublesome turns, ups, overs and sideways stumbles. It’s up to you how you keep control – mind over matter or brute strength. Challenge yourself against the clock on one or all of our different climbing routes!


Finally at the Maidstone Park there is NYC Street Golf – Just like everything in America, this is a BIG new attraction and it’s in full swing at Gravity right now. This is proper street golf, none of your limey, namby, pamby soft grass here. It’s hardcore, on-the-road, Par 3 putting mayhem!


Gravity Trampoline Park locations are:

  • Xscape Yorkshire
  • Lockmeadow Maidstone
  • Riverside Norwich
  • St Stephen’s Hull
  • Fountain Park Edinburgh
  • Soar Glasgow
  • Bluewater Dartford
  • Xscape Milton Keynes (coming soon)
  • Corby Rockingham


Book an amazing experience at one of Gravity’s Trampoline parks with group discounts available, we offer School Groups a free teacher place with booking of ten or more, free socks worth £2.50 and unlimited juice during the visit – call us on T: 01977 529918 for more info.