As a parent one of your main worries is how to keep your children safe whilst out and about or while teenagers are out with their friends.

Last week we visited our local village fete, it was held at my son’s school and there was a large crowd of people in attendance, he’s 5 years old and was very excited to be there.

Suddenly, and despite our best efforts to educate him on the importance of staying close to us, in the blink of an eye my son had vanished, and frantically I started to search the area as other parents called his name to help me find him.

Thankfully about a minute later we spotted him, buying a cake from one of his friends who was on a stall, but the incident left me thinking it would be great to have had a tracker on him, or some way of finding him quickly, because sometimes children get lost in a place where they are not surrounded by such helpful parents (as in my case).

Later that evening I went online to see if there was anything out there that could solve this problem and I found a company who have created a great solution.

WATCHU helps keep your children safe

WATCHU have designed a wrist watch for kids that not only helps younger children to learn how to tell the time but also tracks them via GPS throughout the day. You can easily see their location at any time (plus see a handy route of where they have been) via an App on your phone.

The design is very stylish and comes in a range of colours which would appeal to both younger children and teenagers.

But, the extras are even better… you can make 2 way calls between your phone and the watch and there is even an SOS button if they feel they’re in real danger. The watch has a long battery life and can be used as a pedometer, which I must say, has been quite eye opening to see how many steps my son has been doing throughout the day at school (regularly over 25,000) and has put my own efforts to shame!

I really couldn’t be happier, knowing that he is wearing WATCHU because it gives us the extra peace of mind that we could locate him quickly whilst at busy attractions if we found ourselves in the same terrifying situation again, and best of all… he loves it as much as we do.

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